Jaclyn Ashkenazi

is a twenty year veteran of the fashion industry. Having done it all throughout
her career; from buying to merchandising to sales, and now design, Luùm is the
love child of all Jaclyn’s interests and passions; connecting with women,
elevating the every day, and of course, the perfect fit.

strives to create pieces for a woman who moves quickly throughout her busy
life. As a dancer and a mother, Jaclyn has prioritized the movement and
fluidity of the pieces so that they are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

About Luum

At Luùm, we are all about creating beautiful and comfortable
clothing that empowers women to conquer the day. 

Luùm is more than just a clothing brand. We believe in spreading love and
light, and in empowering women to shine their brightest and enhance the light
of those around them. That's why our clothing is designed to be more than just
a beautiful garment - it's a shell to encase a beautiful soul and lift the
spirit of every woman who wears it.

take inspiration from the root of our name, "luùm" or
"loom," a physical tool used to create textiles but also a symbol of
bringing light into the world. Our ethos is all about spreading that light,
whether it's through our clothing, our community, or our actions.

whether you're dropping the kids off at school, hitting the gym, or heading to
a special event, Luùm has got you covered with capsule wardrobe pieces that
transition fluidly between all of the various hats that a busy woman wears
proudly throughout her day. Join us in spreading love and light, one killer
outfit at a time.